All But Dissertation. All But Done. The term used to describe that unfortunate graduate student who has completed all her coursework and exams but has yet to finish her dissertation. Her dissertation proposal has been approved. She just has to Write the Damned Thing. Well-meaning friends and relatives ask her "How much longer?"


CROSSOVER One who "crosses over" from academia to another profession.


INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS The technical term for schmoozing with people in a field or industry that interests you. The thing to remember in an informational interview is that you are interviewing them. (Of course, what often happens is that the person you are interviewing will keep your resume on file and contact you when they hear of an opening.) But the primary goal is to gather information that will help you decide a) whether this field is right for you and b) how to go about securing your dream job. Rule #1: Always end the conversation by asking who else you might talk to!


NETWORK The fine art of talking to absolutely everyone you know about your exploratory job search. That includes your neighbor's uncle's boyfriend. Your cousin's friend's grandmother. Your brother's co-worker's mother. You get the picture.



Those mental tools you take for granted but employers outside of academia are actually willing to pay you big bucks for. Some examples: your ability to write, research, and organize mass amounts of information; present complex ideas to groups; and evaluate the work of others. Not to mention your drive, initiative, and fortitude--all demonstrated by the simple fact that you decided to pursue doctoral training.


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